Chasing – Remote Controller (3B (Gladius F1)

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Chasing – Remote Controller (3B (Gladius F1)

Tootekood: 118240
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Remote controller for Chasing F1 More comfortable. Directly control all of the functions of Chasing F1. Controllers are now faster, more precise, and do not require the use of a phone. Remote control distance of 100 meters. The built-in 100-meter wireless module allows Chasing F1 to be controlled from distances of up to 100 meters. Wired connections offer greater stability.

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Chasing Remote Controller 3B is specially designed to be used with Chasing F1.
It can control the movements of Chasing F1, retracting and deployment of the underwater camera, camera photography and video recording, and turning the light on or off.

The built-in 100 meter wireless module allows Chasing F1 to be operated from a distance of up to 100 meters (100m communication range is limited to Wi-Fi 5G mode).

Connect the remote controller to a phone or tablet wirelessly via Wi-Fi or with a cable and view underwater footage in real-time on the connected device.

Connect to an HDMI port to transmit real-time underwater footage to an external display, TV, video capture card, or other video equipment.

Professional joystick, button, and ergonomic design completely transforms your fishing experience.

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