Chasing – Backpack (Gladius F1)

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Chasing – Backpack (Gladius F1)

Tootekood: 118241
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Chasing F1 Backpack can carry the F1 and its accessories. Its outer materials are made using PU, a light and water resistant material. The backpack’s special back load system reduces pressure on the back, making it more comfortable and breathable. The bag’s top and base areas are divided, allowing components to be quickly inserted and removed.

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Comfortable and energy-saving.

The Chasing F1 Backpack’s back panel features breathable materials that make it comfortable and well-ventilated.

Its ergonomic design and lightweight carrying system reduces stress on the back to provide a more comfortable wearing experience.

Lightweight and waterproof.
The Chasing F1 Backpack’s exterior is constructed using PU and nylon. Its interior is polyester, which is lightweight and easy to clean, and also water resistant.

Well-apportioned space – Quick installation and removal.
Chasing F1 Backpack features an individual partitioning design that allows gear to be quickly put into or removed from the base or top of the bag. Its built-in modular partition can be freely adjusted.

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