Nanlite – LT-FMM-60 Lantern softbox 60cm with FM Mount

Tootekood: 114104

Nanlite – LT-FMM-60 Lantern softbox 60cm with FM Mount

Tootekood: 114104
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Made to omni-directionally flood an area of the set with light, the 60cm Forza 60 Lantern Softbox from NanLite is especially handy when your subject is subtly lit but you’d like the background to read as well. Often used overhead on a boom, the lantern has a wide 270° beam spread that covers a large area with soft, flattering light that’s especially useful when shooting sit-down conversations or table scenes. However, how do you control such a wide output of light? NanLite has thought of that with the integration of four roll-up skirts. Rolling down one or more of the skirts can keep light from areas that you don’t want illuminated or roll all of the skirts down for a small, soft circle of light.

The lantern softbox LT-FMM-60 was designed with a Bowens mount adapter so it can not only mount on the Forza 60, but is also compatible with other standard Bowens-mount lights.

Wide Beam Spread
The 270° beam spread raises the ambient illumination, while creating a soft and even lighting effect, perfect for portraits or commercial photography Skirt Set to Control the Beam Spread

Includes a durable skirt set to control the wide beam spread or create a lighting ratio.

Compatible with: Forza 60/60B, Forza 200, Forza 300/300B, Forza 500, FS Series, and other fixtures with Bowens mount.

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