Tilta – Float Handheld Gimbal Support System

Tootekood: GSS-T01-AB

Tilta – Float Handheld Gimbal Support System

Tootekood: GSS-T01-AB

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The Tilta Float System works in conjunction with the DJI RS 2 gimbal to provide a small, compact camera stabilizer system to allow you to accomplish smooth cinematic camera movements with smaller camera setups. The counterweight-based post provides further stabilization for your setup beyond what the gimbal is already doing to allow for the smoothest possible free-flowing camera movement imaginable. Also, the spring-loaded arm and support vest design puts the weight of the rig onto your torso, allowing for longer operating times before the user gets fatigued.


Wide Range of Usage

Pairing with a gimbal is all you need in order to achieve all of the operating needs of the industry’s newest stabilizer systems. You can easily switch between high and low modes.

Compact and Portable

When compared to the traditional Steadicam system, the Tilta Float System is built with carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum materials. The camera operator no longer needs to travel with heavy operating equipment. It sets your body free from the burden and extends the duration of the operation.

This compact and inexpensive stabilizer system is quick and easy to assemble, pack, and transport.

Highly modular and detachable design. Each component can be purchased individually.


Tilta Float System Specs

Product dimensions: 835x345x210mm
Product weight: 10kg (Net Weight 7.5kg)
Materials: Carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic, and nylon fabric

Tilta Float System Support Vest

Vest Size: 600-1200mm
Extension: Built-in Tilta standard 15mm quick release baseplate.

Tilta Float System Arm

Connector post diameter: 12mm
Maximum payload capacity: 10kg
Up and down movement range: 800mm (±4300)

Tilta Float System Post

Material: Carbon fiber and aluminum
Mount: NATO rail
Power input/output: 2-pin LEMO
Length range: 500-1000mm

Tilta Wireless Thumb Controller for RS2

Cold shoe mount
2.4 GHz wireless module
Remote control range: 50-70m (Dependent on the location, there might be a slight

Power Supply Solutions

1. V-mount battery
2. Gold mount battery
3. DJI TB50 battery
4. RS2 battery grip

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