Supply Box – M

Supply Box – M


The DJI Supply Box for the Wind 4, Wind 8 and M600 consists of aerial aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber boards. It is equipped with a customized electromagnetic switch and dedicated control module. After being mounted to the Wind 4, Wind 8 or M600, it can be used to deliver supplies quickly, throw fire extinguisher agent from the air, transport goods following fixed flight routes, etc.

External dimensions: L 365 x B 215 x T 225 mm
Inner dimensions: L 340 x B 184 x T 200 mm
Door opening: L 184 x B 176 mm
Volume: 14 l
Max. load: 3 kg


  • Kontorist saaksid kätte: täna
  • Pakiautomaadist: 1-2 tööpäeva
  • Kulleriga: 2-4 tööpäeva

14 päeva tagastusõigus ja garantii 24 kuud!

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This supply box contains an independent control module, which can be enabled by using the triggering button on the supply box and landing gear control switch on the remote controller.

The triggering button on the supply box applies the false triggering mechanism, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the electromagnetic switch.

The supply box comes with dedicated expansion hang holes and customized cables with which it can be swiftly mounted to and removed from the Wind 4, Wind 8 or M600.

Toggling the Landing Gear Control Switch: toggle the landing gear control switch on the remote controller to open the compartment doors.





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